There are many issues about the HIV causes AIDS paradigm that have been questioned since the general acceptance of HIV as the causal agent of AIDS. For example:

  • HIV has never been convincingly shown to cause AIDS.
  • HIV testing/detection is invalid, with inaccurate or meaningless results.
  • HIV infection is merely a risk marker, or passenger virus, of AIDS.
  • HIV does not exist at all as an exogenous retrovirus.
  • AIDS is caused by lifestyle risk factors.
  • AIDS is a re-naming of old diseases that are themselves caused by other factors.
  • Anti-viral therapy is not effective.
  • Anti-viral therapy causes AIDS.

There was always a degree of debate about the cause of AIDS (as there is about any new disease), but for some this did not disappear with the naming of HIV as the cause. Prof Duesberg (a Nobel prize nominee), for example, re-examined the infectious nature of AIDS in 1987 and put forward his own theory based on drug toxicity and lifestyle factors. He is not alone: Dr Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR reaction, also questions the HIV/AIDS paradigm, and there are many other individuals of a scientific background who agree with them.

For some people the views above may seem ludicrous, yet those who argue them use the scientific literature to support their views. How they might be reconciled with the HIV causes AIDS hypothesis is fuel for much debate.