Diet Tip #1 – Acknowledge your feelings and identify the reasons why you overeat. If you eat when you are sad and depressed you will need to find another outlet for those feelings.

Diet Tip #2 – Find healthy outlets for stress, anxiety, or other emotions that does not involve eating.

Diet Tip #3 – No not eat a large meal before going to bed. Your body is unable to digest a large dinner eaten late at night properly because its metabolic functions slow down while in a state of sleep.

Diet Tip #4 – Don’t get immediately discouraged because you do not see signficant weight loss. It often takes time for outr bodies to adjust to certain changes in its biochemistry and to the patterns of the nutrients being digested.

Diet Tip #5 – Don’t obsess over every pound lost or gained. Think of long term benefits rather than letting your emotions become slaves to the readings of your scale.

Diet Tip #6 – Combine any diet with a healthy lifestyle and routine exercise program. You should get a minimum of 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, three times a week.

Diet Tip #7 – Don’t give up because you feel as though you have hit a weight loss plateau. Many times, as people begin to exercise and lose weight, they will replace the weight they have lost in fat, to muscle weight. Because muscle weight more than fat, you can actually be getting much more healthy, without this being apparent from the reading on your scale. (See dieting tip 5)